PWA Rock!

Progressive Web Apps for SEO

As everyone knows, developers love playing with the latest new cool technology. Right now one of the hottest trends is the “Progressive Web App” (PWA), which allows you to deliver a native app like experience through a web browser.


One of the biggest headaches for any SEO is when the development team runs off and builds something without any consideration for SEO. So here is a handy SEO checklist for the devs:


1.     User server-side or hybrid rendering so that the content is delivered to the user in the initial payload.


2.     Make sure that deeplinks work and don’t just re-direct back to the homepage.


3.     Along with deeplinking, generate clean URLs without fragment identifiers such as # or #! This will help prevent conflicts with Facebook’s Open Graph protocol.


4.     Specify canonical URLs for each page, this helps identify the same content being served across multiple URLs


5.     Make sure your PWA is a responsive design.


6.     Use the “srcset” attribute to show the correct images for the correct device size and preventing downloading of additional content.


7.     Add structured data to your page which Google can then extract when the page is rendered. You can also verify your markup using Google’s Structured Data Testing tool in Search Console


8.     Add Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards to your mark-up to make your social sharing and indexing even richer.


Progressive Web Apps deliver a far greater web experience than normal pages, and with a rapidly evolving framework they are here to stay.


To see some great examples of PWA sites I’d recommend visiting (yes that’s a real web address).


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