Data Visualisation Porn

One of the biggest problems for Online Marketing teams in the Gaming industry is reporting. You have your affiliate system, back-end data and all your third party media buying channels such as Display Networks, Adwords, Facebook and Twitter. To cap it off you have a to much data in your web analytics software to even know where to start.


Ideally you want a way to all the information in one place, which typically ends up being an excel spreadsheet. The huge amount of time spent copying and pasting data from various sources is a crime!


Then as a marketing person you to try and visualize that data for the rest of the business, which takes up even more time and effort. From our perspective dealing with a number of clients, this gets exponentially harder.


This is why we are so excited to get access to the Beta version of Google Data Studio 360. Designed to make it easy to pull data from any source and create custom dashboards and reports it is perfect for the Gaming industry.


Using some simple scripts in a Google Spreadsheet we automated the collection of data from all the data sources we want to track and created super powerful reports that provide the actionable insight needed to make decisions.


The Google Data Studio is part of the new Google 360 Data Suite, which is the new Google platform to unify data from all Google products (Adwords, Doubleclick, Tag Manager, Analytics) as well as Google Big Query and any third party data source.


From testing with a client we believe they can unlock up to 100man-hours per week on reporting across their large marketing team, which speaks for itself.


Our recommendation for all marketers is to start getting up to speed with the 360 Data Suite as well as the new Google Firebase software for apps.

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