Affiliates Need to (R)AMP Up!

We have started to see AMP results breaking out of the news section and appear for more general sites.  Google loves speed, so this should not be a much of a surprise, what did surprise us the most is that our own experiments are even starting to rank.


We decided to re-visit AMP and see if it was ready to be used on a serious moneymaking affiliate site. We where blown away at how fast the AMP HTML code base is evolving.


With only limited space here, I’ll summarise as best I can. It was relatively straightforward for us to add AMP pages to an existing affiliate site and to include the following features:

·      Image Carousel at the top of the page

·      Operator logos, with star ratings, user reviews and bonus offers

·      Banner Ads and Call to Action buttons

·      Long form text, with images and “related articles” recommendations

·      Detailed review page with content sections


As you can see, when you add all of these elements, you pretty much have the core content and ability to monetize pretty much any affiliate website.


The latest feature recently launched by AMP is the <amp-experiment> tag that allows you to set-up A/B testing of pages and content using a JSON configuration.

The variants are stored in the URL that then makes it easy for us to manage our experiments in a Google Analytics dashboard.


If you head over to you will see the official examples of what can be built with AMP HTML.


By implementing AMP on a real money making site, we where able to speed up page load times on mobile and also drive a significant increase on conversion rates.  Is AMP ready for Affiliates? The short answer is very ready!

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