That's my Video!

Creating great video content takes a lot of hard work, time and budget. Which is why there is nothing more frustrating than finding someone has copied one of your videos and re-published it on YouTube or Facebook.


Luckily you are not the only one to have this problem and here is a quick guide on what to do and help prevent it happening.


Step 1: If you are a big brand and create a lot of original content you can apply (and possibly be accepted) into the “Content ID” for YouTube and “RightsManager” for Facebook.  Don’t worry if you do not get accepted, the manual process is detailed below.

Step 2: Some of the basics, when creating videos always add a transparent watermark to the video, this will at the very least help give some credit back to you as the original owner

Step 3: Find videos that are a direct rip of your content and save the URLs of the files. Easiest way to find these videos is to use the search functionality for variations on the video name, brand name etc. Sadly for video as far as I know there are no simple tools like CopyScape (which is great for text content).

Step 4: Time to drop the hammer and fill in the forms that can be found here for Facebook: and here for YouTub

It can take from a few days to a few weeks for action to be taken. So be patient.

Also do not get carried away, fair use laws apply, so where your content is being used as part of a review (be it positive or negative) or as part of a mash-up these will not be considered as infringing on your copyright.

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