EATing up the SERPs

At the time of writing, everyone has been scratching their heads at the latest Google algorithm update which has been nicknamed ‘Fred”.

Websites that have taken the brunt of impact are ones with lots of Ads and poor backlink profiles, luckily the gambling industry seems to have been by-passed with this update and we’ve seen no major changes.

Also released recently is an update to the Google Quality Ratings guide, which is the guide used by manual reviewers when looking at sites. It was mainly focused on dealing with FAKE NEWS (said in my best Trump voice), but always worth a re-read. Key is section 4 which focused on identifying a High Quality Site (aka SEO gold dust).

So what make a high quality page? Google is looking for three main things that are high levels of:

  •  Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trust

In order to evaluate this, Google is using a number of questions for the quality rates to answer. So they are tasked with grading based on seeing enough high quality content about a topic in order to satisfy the user (I feel a little ambiguous, but easy to gauge).

Interestingly, Google also expects to see a high level of accountability on who is writing the article and running the website.

Most importantly Google raters are also tasked with looking at the overall reputation of the website, including prestigious awards and for smaller sites, things like community and user engagement.

The other interesting section is the “Fully Meets Needs” criteria, my guess is if you have Schema and meet this criteria you are golden for Answer Box results

So with the constant algorithm updates from Google, I’d highly recommending taking the time to read the quality raters guide and looking at your site with fresh eyes. The guide can be found here:


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