AMP up your Site

Accelerated Mobile Pages

We’ve all been there, click a link on your phone and then BAM! You realize you have a poor connection and your phone has been transported back to the dial-up age.


Even if the webpage is superlight, a slow Internet connection will still be a bottleneck to speed. In a world where people expect Instant as the norm this is a problem that Google is trying to solve with Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP).


So what is AMP?

AMP is an open source HTML framework that aims to have pages load instantly on poor Internet connections using a number of different methods including stripping page functionality to the minimum. Official project website with more details here:


Who is On Board So Far

Social Platforms such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, (and a plugin for self-hosted wordpress blogs).


Media Owners such as: BBC, BuzzFeed, Daily Mail, Financial Times, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Telegraph, TIME, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.


Based on the companies signed-up I see this as a very long term Google project.


Impact on Search Engine Rankings


Google will start using AMP as a ranking signal starting in late February, where it will look at the connection speed of the user and decide which results to return.


So for example it’s being reported that the breakdown is as follows:

·       Broadband would return the richest results such as Streaming Apps, App Deep Linking

·       3G, 4G and LTE will return standard results, app packs, carousels and AMP pages

·       2G & Edge will return Basic results, Google Web Lite and AMP Pages


But like everything Google does, I’m expecting to see a lot of testing to determine the best mix of results for users.


Operators and Affiliates

Given the limited functionality available in the AMP HTML I’m not sure if this is something an operator can take full advantage of except perhaps landing pages and content pages.


From an affiliate perspective, I see big opportunities for affiliates to also make their sites available in AMP in order to either maintain or grow ranking positions.



See it in Action? in your mobile and do a search for any of the following keywords, the first result will be an example of a site using AMP:

·                Fashion

·                Mars

·                Syria

·                nytimes



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