3 Adwords No Brainers

The biggest headaches for any PPC team is how to lower costs, improve conversion rates and free up more time from reporting. Here are three no-brainers.


The first tip is an easy one and simple to implement. In your Adwords account, exclude your office(s) IP addresses from seeing your ads. The feature is called “IP Exclusions” and is found under “Settings”. This will prevent your colleagues from seeing your ads  - not clicking and driving down your CTR or clicking and driving up your ad spend. Pro-level is finding the IP addresses of your competitors and blocking them as well. It will be a small saving, but it all counts.


Second quick win is the current roll out of “IF” statements for Ad Copy. With the new Extended Text Ads (ETA), it hasn’t been easy to run mobile specific creative, which a lot of people in the industry have considered a loss. With the new IF statements you will be able to show specific mobile based messaging, for example and would look something like this: {=IF(device=mobile,insert text):default text}. The IF Statement can be run anywhere in the ETA except for the destination URL. Mobile and desktop specific creative has been shown to have a positive impact on conversion rates, which makes this a must do.


The final quick win is on reporting, I’ve talked before about Google Studio before and how it’s Free, super simple to use and provides fantastic data visualisation. It can already be synced with your Adwords account and using Google Sheets you can also import conversion and revenue data from your back-end. Recently Google have announced integration at MCC level, which is perfect for agencies or in-house teams managing multiple accounts. The ability to automatically create custom dashboards and reporting from your campaigns is a huge time saver.

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